He's a little bird with a lot of pluck!

"Our goal is to provide hope, optimism, and confidence in the future of our Great Lakes region. This we believe, begins with the smallest but strongest tide - our children."

 - Gully's Crew


Gully of the Great Lakes Mission Statement:

Gully is a friend, a teacher, a bridge that connects youth to the Great Lakes. Our goal is to provide hope, optimism, and confidence in the future of our Great Lakes region through the branding of an heroic Great Lakes character.

The purpose of the Gully of the Great Lakes Book Series and Education Suite is to implement a comprehensive Great Lakes platform that will successfully and energetically stimulate Great Lakes learning and loyalty by creating synergy between all subject areas and how they relate to the Great Lakes in terms of ecology, sociology, history, culture, science, arts, and the shaping of future lifestyle opportunities for our Great Lakes population.

The Suite

  • Will incorporate state standards of each Great Lake state and province into the Gully of the Great Lakes learning materials.
  • Will work to further establish a "Great Lakes Region as Whole" education standard that meets the needs and interest of today's digital learning environment and students.
  • Will maximize the benefit of cross-pollination success between the trade market and school environment.


  • Increase Student and Youth awareness and understanding of the Great Lakes region by providing an engaging contemporary resource for educators, parents, students and caregivers.
  • Increase Great Lakes loyalty of the future population through early developmental place-based education.
  • Brand the Great Lakes for students through place-based education.


The Gully of the Great Lakes Book Series has been created to deliver fun, adventurous stories that appeal to young readers in grades 1 through 4. In addition to these stories, which will be available in print and digital formats, the Gully of the Great Lakes Education Suite will consist of:

  • Digital Teaching Guides for Each Book
  • Free Downloadable Activity and Learning Sheets
  • Gully's Great Lakes Reader
  • Gully's Roost Activity Hub
  • Gully's Chum Bucket Blog
  • Resource Links for Relevant Learning
  • Student/Child centered art platform called Gully's Galley 
  • Gully's 4Q4U: Four Questions for You for Science Learning
  • Gully's Wave Writing Prompt Library 

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